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C/C++ Internals

This 3 day class is designed to build on existing knowledge of the C/C++ product in the z/TPF environment.  It will provide programmers and support staff with the knowledge to debug programs and identify system errors.  The class includes frequent exercises to reinforce knowledge gained during the lecture sessions.

TPF staff who require knowledge of the internals and architecture of the C/C++ product in z/TPF.  Students should have a reasonable understanding of z/TPF.  A working knowledge of C/C++ Coding concepts is desirable.

Student Numbers
The maximum recommended student to instructor ratio is 12:1

By the end of the course, the delegates will be able, with the aid of course notes to:

      List the C/C++ register conventions.

      Identify Stack, Heap and Static storage.

      Describe compiler options and their impact on generated object code.

      Understand various linkage mechanisms used in C/C++ programs.

      Solve dumps in CSOs (program and Library)

Course Outline


Review existing knowledge
Example programs
Register conventions
Storage classes


Generated code examples
Code Optimization
Inlining of functions.


Stack storage overview
Layout and header file
Allocation and deallocation
Static Storage - overview


CSO Linkages
Assembler Stub linkage
Exporting functions & Classes
Function & Variable Descriptors
Static Stack - In depth

Heap Storage

Memory layout
In-use, free & system nodes
Control 75 Dump Example


Passing parameters - C and C++

Dump Analysis

Identifying variables & parameters
Identifying Failing Instruction
Module map layout
Control 3 Example
Solving dumps in Programs
Solving dumps in Libraries

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