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z/TPF Programming Workshop

This workshop is designed to give new programmers the opportunity to practice the skills gained in a supported classroom environment. The instructor sets a series of programming exercises, each of which increase in complexity. This enables the students to practice and enhance their knowledge before leaving the classroom environment.

This would be the final section of a full z/TPF Class and can emphasize either z/TPF or z/TPFDF depending on the customer requirements. Students are given a programming task to complete, which will include validating input, retrieving information from a database, formatting it for output and then displaying the results. This is then enhanced in follow up exercises that involve database updates and added functionality.

Students should have completed the z/TPF Programming class and the z/TPFDF class if applicable.

Students who are required to write and maintain z/TPF application programs.

Student Numbers
The maximum recommended student to instructor ratio is 12:1

These can be set with the individual customer depending on your requirements





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