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TPFDF Database Administration & Internals

This 3 day course is designed to build on existing knowledge of the TPFDF product.  The course includes a brief introduction to Data Base Structures, Components and Terminology and is followed by a more in depth study of the components of TPFDF such as DBDEFs, File Algorithms, ZUDFM entries etc.  The class includes frequent exercises to reinforce knowledge gained during the lecture sessions.

NOTE – at this time this class has not been updated for the z/TPFDF changes

Attendees should have a reasonable understanding of coding and testing using TPFDF.

Student Numbers
The maximum recommended student to instructor ratio is 10:1

By the end of the course, the delegates will be able, with the aid of course notes to:

                     Code and update Database Definitions (DBDEFs).

                     List the available file algorithms.

                     Use ZUDFM entries to maintain and support database administration.

                     Understand the internal concepts of TPFDF.

Course Outline


Review existing knowledge
Example programs

TPFDF Interfaces

Original Method
Dynamic SW00SR allocation 
Database Interface Block (DBIFB)
SW00SR Layout.


Database Design overview
Performance implications
File Organisation
Understanding TPFDF Algorithms
Index Files - how and why.


Understanding the DBDEFs
General Parameters
Default Keys
Index definitions


T-Types Lrecs
Debugging Tips
TPFDF Dump Analysis

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