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Introduction to C++ Programming


We offer a range of C++ programming classes for the z/TPF platform that can can be tailored to the requirements of your company.

PCS Training realises that companies often have particular needs when moving to C++. Some companies will use OO techniques, others may prefer to avoid them.  We have classes to suit both situations and PCS Training can teach best practice and guide your developers in this area.

The 2 standard classes are 

  • C++ programming for C programmers
  • C++ programming for non C programmers

Both of these classes are designed to give students a good understanding of C++ in z/TPF, bearing in mind the usual performance considerations of moving to a higher level language.  Subjects such as vectors, strings and templates are introduced, but can be covered in greater depth if required.

C and C++ classes have been taught in the UK, Germany, USA, Australia, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and UAE.

For more details, or to discuss a specific training program please email us at




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