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Structured Programming Macros (SPMs)

This course will introduce Structured Programming Macros to the students. These are a tool to help TPF Application Programs written in Assembler have a more natural programming structure. The generated machine code is covered to enable students to understand the underlying machine code when tracing or debugging programs. Some customers use a wider range of SPM's than listed in the course outline, some prefer fewer. This course can be customised to reflect your requirements.

The students should have experience of coding using BAL.

TPF Programmers who are required to use SPMs in their coding.

Student Numbers
The maximum recommended student to instructor ratio is 12:1

By the end of the course, the delegates will be able, with the aid of course notes to:

Code Assembler programs using SPMs
Use the condensed form of SPMs
Identify the internal labels used by SPMs and the machine code generated.

Course Outline


Why SPMs?
Structured Programming
Basic Conventions

IF Macro Set

Continuation and Boolean Connectors

DO Macro Set

Combinations #DO Loops
Complex Conditional Expressions with #DO Loops




#GOTO Macro
#EXEC Macro
#CASE Macro
The Condensed Form of Conditional Expressions

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