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Introduction to REXX Programming

This 2 day course is designed to give the delegates an introduction to the REXX programming language. It will provide them with knowledge required to write, test and execute progressively more difficult REXX Programs on VM. The course is a mix of lectures and practical exercises. For programmers who are new to REXX this course should be taught in conjunction with the CMS Pipelines Class which covers I/O on the VM System.

An understanding of structured programming techniques is useful.

Staff who would like to automate repetitive tasks on VM.

Student Numbers
The maximum recommended student to instructor ratio is 12:1

By the end of the course, the delegates will be able, with the aid of course notes to:

      Code REXX Execs, using loops, if/else statements and subroutines.

      Debug Execs using the REXX Trace facility.

      Pass arguments to an Exec from the command line, or pull data from the user.

      Use REXX functions to process data and variables.

Course Outline


Introduction to the Exec languages and REXX


Declaring Variables
Assigning values to a variable


The REXX Trace facility
Interactive Trace


Output to the Screen
Screen Alignment using left/right/centre


How an Exec ask a question - using Pull
Accepting arguments
Introducing parse

Program Structure

if statement
checking conditions
The Case structure

REXX Functions

Introduction to Functions
Nested functions
The right function for the job


The Stack- Pushing & Pulling
STATE command
Array processing
Parsing data
Interfacing with XEDIT macros (if required)

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